2018 Gardens of the World Lecture Series: US Pacific Northwest

Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

New to Dunn Gardens-  2018 Lecture Series: Gardens and Flora From Around the World

Shelagh Tucker's talk about her much-admired home garden in Seattle that is admirably suited to the climate characteristic of the region will be the first lecture in a series about gardens and flora from around the world. Shelagh has experimented over many years with nonnative plants that thrive in no summer watering and soggy winters.  Those folks who want to lighten their summer water bills and still have a garden that please will find this talk most useful. 

Venue: Dunn Gardens classroom

Tea is served at 6:30. Guests are welcome to come earlier and view the grounds prior to the lecture as light allows. Seating is limited


Series: Includes all 4 Lectures

Members: $12 per lecture, $35 for series of all four lectures
Yet-to-be members: $15 per lecture, $55 for a series of four lectures

Sorry: No refunds on unattended lectures


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