Lecture: Reviving the Gardens at Meadowburn Farm

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Speaker: Director of Horticulture and Historic Preservation, Quill Teal-Sullivan

In the early 1900’s, Helena Rutherfurd Ely, visionary gardener, author, and founding member of the Garden Club of America, was considered one of the most influential figures in popular American horticulture, and the gardens she created at Meadowburn Farm were famous for their beauty and innovative use of hardy planting practices. But the last century took its toll on the gardens, and they became overgrown, deteriorated, and nearly lost. In this presentation, Quill will share Meadowburn’s rich history, and the work she did over the past six years to restore and rehabilitate these significant gardens within the constraints and circumstances of current times. The challenges, triumphs, and a few lessons learned along the way will be related.

Feel free to come at 6:30 for a cup of tea and a chat with your neighbors.

Members: $12.00  Yet-to-be Members: $15.00