Abelia chinensis

Common Name: 

Chinese Abelia




Station 3 - Moss Garden and Shade Path
Station 5 - Great Lawn and Site of Original Summer House
Station 8 - Woodland Trail

This shrub is one of those 'work horse' plants that doesn't demand much attention, yet looks nice, year after year. A mostly evergreen shrub (save for one of those horrendous winters), this plant flowers late summer into autumn. The buds have a pink flush, with the flowers opening white, and they are mildly fragrant. The calyx stays on after the petals fall off, creating a nice effect.

We have these plants sited where they get some afternoon shade, and supplemental water. As is the case with many plants, this one will grow larger in our maritime climate than what the label states. It looks best if not pruned, so allow a good 8' of space. If you do need to prune this plant, it can be cut to the ground and will readily regenerate.

Abelia chinensisAbelia chinensis