Adiantum venustum

Common Name: 

Himalayan Maidenhair Fern




Station 3 - Moss Garden and Shade Path
Station 4 - Triangle Bed to Great Lawn
Station 11 - Curator's Garden

Yum!  No, this fern is not something we want to dine on, but it is such an excellent evergreen groundcover (in the maritime PNW).

This plant does best with some afternoon shade, and appreciates some supplemental summer irrigation.

While evergreen, on occasion we do cut the foliage down, mid-winter, as successive years of foliage can look tatty. If you do cut this fern back, I'd wait two or three years after the initial planting, before doing this. Even though plants may seem to be 'dormant', evergreen ferns pull energy thru their fronds, year round. A young plant needs all the energy it can produce in order to clump up nicely.

Adiantum venustum