Arbutus menziesii

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Station 7 - West Border into Wildflower Glen
Station 8 - Woodland Trail

Our native 'Madrone' tree. The garden has several sorry looking specimens. The best looking trees are found out in the open, where they can grow without being shaded by Douglas firs (as ours are).

Not easy to purchase, as this tree produces a prodigious taproot when very young. We have seen ones for sale, but if do purchase one, make certain that the tree has not become pot-bound.

And, if you purchase a home where there are existing Madrone trees, do not change the irrigation regime, nor the soil level. If a seedling grows up in an environment where it gets regular irrigation, then feel free to continue this practice. However, if you start to water a mature tree (that has never been given irrigation), this is a recipe for a slow death. Ditto if you decide to bury the roots, as this tree greatly resents disturbance of any kind.

If you are anal-retentive, this tree is guaranteed to give you fits, as it basically drops debris 24/365. It might be best to move to a condominium!

Arbutus menziesiiArbutus menziesii