Asarum caudatum

Common Name: 

Western Wild Ginger


Early Spring


Station 8 - Woodland Trail
Station 12 - Entry to Ed Dunn's Woodland Garden

A native, evergreen groundcover, that goes by the common name of 'Western Wild Ginger'. This species will cover ground more quickly than A. europaeum, and is definitely drought tolerant (when planted in shade).

Often when you purchase this plant at the nursery, it'll look a bit bedraggled, as it isn't that fond of being in a container. The first year after you plant it, the plant may not do much, but come the next year it will definitely start to cover ground.

While drought tolerant, if you do give it supplemental irrigation, you'll get a lot more growth (double or triple compared to no supplemental irrigation). There are very few gardens where we don't include this plant, as it is such a good workhorse.

Asarum caudatum