Asarum europaeum

Common Name: 

European Wild Ginger




Station 1 - Patio & lower lawn of E.B. Dunn residence
Station 9 - Tennis Court Green

We like the various groundcover forms of ‘ginger’. This species is evergreen, save for a hard winter, when it can end up looking tatty, come spring. If that does occur, wait until the danger of frost has passed and cut off the affected leaves.  Otherwise, this plant can be left alone for years.The glossy foliage is a nice foil for other plants. Be careful not to plant it where there are lots of root weevils, as the foliage will end up being notched. We’ve had it seed in and it is best to prick out the seedlings, transplanting them elsewhere, as one can never have too much.

Asarum europaeum