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Thinking About Trees



I began thinking about trees, initially because they were absent and later because they were large. Bruce and I took a summer holiday in the UK in the course of which we walked around the Cornwall coast, an area notable for its rocky grandeur and spectacular views of the sea. What it doesn’t have, it may be fairly asserted, is trees among the bracken, stinging nettles, and grasses that line the walking paths. In addition to our West Coast Walk we visited significant public gardens where the trees are so large and old they tested my imagination.

Lavender Wands and More



Lavender is to herbs what roses are to flowers: an aristocratic bloom that has fascinated people over the centuries. Besides the distinctive, beguiling smell and the wow factor when looking at a field of the bushes in bloom, lavender is reputed to be able to soothe anything that ails you. Claims are made for its power to fix acne, burns, and insomnia, along with many other complaints in between. It is possible to ingest it as well in small quanitities; my particular experience was in ice cream.

A Picnic at the Dunn



The Dunn is joining a long established tradition of holding a picnic in the garden. Our particular one is in August—details will follow.

The word “picnic” invites investigation. It conjures up smells of hot dogs, chicken salad, cookies, the sounds of music, children running and sunburn. As a child I could never figure out why the sandwich at the beach tasted much better than the same sandwich eaten at home—despite the fact they were often sprinkled with sand.

A Shameless Pitch



Let’s start with transparency. This blog is a shameless pitch about an upcoming musical event at the Dunn Gardens.  I could dance about with notions of how music and gardens complement each other and always have. But, having taken a vow of transparency I’ll take the direct route.

LeRoy Bell and his Only Friends will be performing on the Great Lawn, July 16 and we would love you to come and hear them.

Mother's Day Flowers



The women of the Dunn staff: Carolyn, Quill, Beth, and myself, another Beth, drifted into a conversation about Mothers’ Day. It then drifted into a discussion about flowers that come to mind when thinking about our grandmothers and mothers. This was an unsurprising progression of topics since we work in a garden. Below we share our conversation and invite you to share something back with us.

The Earth Laughs in Flowers



Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of America’s greatest thinkers in the 19th century, proclaimed “The earth laughs in flowers.” It is entirely possible to believe that when you wander the Dunn in April. The new blooms announce their delight with an unencumbered joy. Unlike the rest of us rain weary citizens they pop up fresh after a shower.

Quotes and Promise of Spring



Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men. ~Chinese Proverb

Spring is close and currently so are the moles if we are honest. But, who can blame them as the soft air that heralds the fresh season creeps into our part of the world. The effect it produces, in humans at least, is captured best by the ever-quotable Mark Twain.


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