Planning Your Visit


13533 Northshire Rd NW, Seattle, WA 98177


Dunn Gardens is located in Northwest Seattle in the Broadview neighborhood.  It is accessible by entering the Northshire Rd NW loop via NW 137th Ave.

From NW 137th ...

  1. The gardens are accessed via the white gates on the west side of Northshire Rd NW
  2. Once inside the gates, keep left at the first fork.
  3. Guest check-in and parking are located on the right hand side of the second fork.

Dunn Gardens main entry gate

Keep left at the first fork

Keep right at the second fork











Parking & ADA Accessibility

There is one ADA Handicapped parking spot.  Please note that it is directly outside our main building, Ed's Cottage, and that it is not in the primary parking lot.  It is clearly marked on all maps.

The primary parking lot is accessed by continuing past the check-in counter.  Parking in the gardens is extremely limited, and is generally unavailable during events. 

Patrons who are able are encouraged to carpool, use public transportation, or walk.  Parking is available in nearby neighborhoods.

ADA Accessible parking at entrance

Entrance (driveway right) and parking lot (continue on left).












Restrooms & AED

There are two single-occupant, unisex bathrooms available to patrons.  They are both equipped with handrails.  The bathroom directly across from the AED is sufficiently large to accommodate a wheelchair.

There is an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) mounted outside across from the bathrooms.  It located  in a clearly-labeled, standardized container.  Staff are trained in its use.

Bathrooms are clearly marked on all maps.

Bathrooms entrance. Photo taken from entrance loop.

Bathrooms (left) and AED (right)

Handicapped accessible restroom











Trails & Garden Navigation

The terrain at Dunn Gardens encompasses a wide variety - from flat concrete patios to rustic dirt trails.  Many of our trails and paths are accessible to wheelchair users or those with limited mobility, but some are not.  

Please refer to the map for information about navigating our trail system and choosing the paths which best fit your abilities.




























Children & Pets

Children are always welcome at Dunn Gardens.  We ask patrons to ensure fragile garden spaces are respected.

There is a playground located near the Kubota Garden.  Additionally - we have it on good authority that the Great Lawn is a wonderful place to get some wiggles out.

Service animals are welcome at the gardens.  However, we ask that personal pets stay home.