Getting Ready for a Party

When I was a child I was once asked if I would rather get ready for a party or go to one. The answer took no time at all.

“Go to one,” was my scornful response offered in amazement.

 In the decades that have elapsed since then my answer to the query has become less certain. No question the party is to be enjoyed but the getting ready has its distinct pleasures.  At the present time the Dunn Gardens is getting ready for a big party. Next year, 2015, will be the Centennial of the Gardens. Right now there is much planning taking place, the ‘getting ready’ part and this is generating excitement.

    One of the activities is a project to digitize the archives. Surfacing are some captivating photographs that document the history of the Dunn Gardens and the people associated with it. We will share these with you from time to time but thought you may enjoy this one as Seattleites  chase winter away.

    The vista shows the original placement of the entry gates into the Gardens on Third Avenue and the native trees that lined the driveway. The picture is old but the subject is a timeless one of winter. And it is lovely. It is easy to see why we are excited.

Our thanks to 4Culture for providing the funds that has made this all possible.



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