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The Fruit of the Storm

October storm forecast. High winds. Garden. Not words you want to hear together in the same sentence. Would the heritage trees we hold in such high regard falter in the projected weather? Perhaps we’d lose some of the branches of those specimens at the Dunn Gardens we know to be 100 years old.

September. Already.

“September. Already.” We say it every year and there is some comfort in that annual surprise. But the 2016 version is pressing upon us. It is a month both of celebration and wistfulness: celebration to acknowledge the extravagance and bounty of summer, wistfulness because winter is promised after the festivities. Ancient Greeks would have told you the change in fortunes is because the goddess, Persephone, is returning to her husband in the Underworld for the next six months.

Music in the Garden

Music and gardens have a long and happy connection—the  art of one inspiring the art of the other. Paintings spring to mind initially since many artists have set their subjects listening to music in gardens. Manet’s famous Music in the Tuileries Gardens (1862), is one.  

It turns out, paintings are merely the tip of the iceberg when thinking of music and gardens together.  There are many iterations of the theme.


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