Everyone Needs to Meet Gary Anderson: Promise

July already. On the 4th we say happy birthday to our country and on the 21st we say happy croquet day.

July already.  On the 4th we say happy birthday to our country and on the 21st we say happy croquet day. Or those of us who don't know much about the game may do so at the Mallets in Wonderland event.  

Even if you don't like the tier one sausages and beer on offer, or a good time with friends, you will like Gary. Promise.  He is pure enthusiasm and will convince you that croquet is the next best thing. Promise. Besides the regular games Gary is setting up some activities that will draw out the competitor in you.  Promise. Love to see you there.  

See how we are getting ready for mallets

Gary's bio is below so you can check his credentials as the organizer of the croquet portion of the event.

Gary L. Anderson is Mallets in Wonderland's croquet consultant

Gary started playing croquet in Grandma's backyard as a kid.  However, Gary's croquet DNA seems to be off the charts.  He is the President and Tourna

ment Director of the Puget Sound Croquet Club of Kirkland, Washington.  The Club has the largest croquet venue north of Napa, CA and west of Chicago, IL., owning three professional 105' x 84' putting green grass croquet courts. Gary is the Washington Team Captain for the annual Northwest Team Championships against teams from British Columbia and Oregon. Note! Washington is the current reigning Champion Team. Gary has traveled to Oregon, California, Florida, and Vancouver, CN to compete in croquet tournaments.  His notable events were the 2011 Champion of the  Emerald City Golf Croquet Tournament, past Doubles Champion in the Western United States Regionals, and tying for 3rd place with the 5th ranked player in the U.S. at the 2011 Pacific Cup. Gary has held 39 backyard tournaments with up to 36 event players and 12 NW regional tournaments at the Puget Sound Croquet Club.  From backyard to professional grass he is easy to spot. You'll find him in "Dress Whites".