Fall, Pumpkins and a Novel

Fall and pumpkins go together. So do gardens and pumpkins.

Fall and pumpkins go together. So do gardens and pumpkins. At least they do if you are going to the Fall Foliage Festival at the Dunn Gardens on October 27th.  Visitors will see pumpkins of all shapes and colors perched along the driveway on logs and gathered around plants. Or just there, looking very pumkinly, making visitors feel that fall is worth welcoming, despite its promise of winter. But this year we are doubly blessed. Besides all the colorful squash we have a new book to usher in the slower seasons of the year.

Seattle author, Alice Ann Kuder's new novel, Since I Last Saw You, gets a mention here because her protagonist, Ali Berg, pays a soothing visit to the Dunn Gardens. It is just what she needs before setting out on a cross-country trip as a way of dealing with a tragedy in her life. The story will warm you as will the sight of all those pumpkins at the Dunn Gardens. In gambling terms it is called striking the double. If you want to know more about the novel check out http://wondersinaliceland.com. If you want to know more about pumpkins come to the Fall Foliage Festival––our thank you to members for their support.