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Alan Rowberg MD

Board Member

Alan Rowberg’s, interest in Dunn Gardens started in 2010, when he found the gardens on a map close to his sister-in-law’s house and asked about it.  After attending a few Dunn Gardens events, he was hooked and has enjoyed many events each year since then. With a background in technology, he is interested in how Dunn Gardens can continue to increase the value of its webpages and electronic and print communications, as well as continuing the tradition of conducting superb social and educational events for our community.

Alan received a B.S. in biology from Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA, M.S. in computer science from The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, and an M.D. in medicine from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA. After three years in the Army he spent 5 years with GE in the CT Scanner group, involved with advanced applications and marketing. He served on the faculty in Radiology at the University of Washington from 1982 to 1998, where he did research in image data compression, in addition to research into more general areas of Picture Archiving and Communications Systems, including workstation design, user interface evaluation, and patient databases. He then spent seven years as an independent consultant before joining Northwest Hospital, where he manages the computer system in Radiology.

Alan has been active in the Society for Computer Applications in Radiology (SCAR), including serving as its President, and is also involved in several healthcare informatics societies. He is Chair of Working Group 4 (Compression) of the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Committee.