It is my delight to welcome you to the new website for the Dunn Gardens.

It is my delight to welcome you to the new website for the Dunn Gardens. I’m not much older, ‘professionally speaking’, than the website itself since I became Executive Director only in January of this year.

Tending the affairs of a garden is a new personal direction but I can say without reservation that the Dunn is the best physical location I’ve ever worked in.  Soon after I started, hellebores and snowdrops broke the bleakness of winter from their shady homes. Hard on their heels the Magnolia sargentiana ‘Robusta’ came out.  The white flowers stood primly away from their branches as they are wont to do.  Elegance in a bloom. And then came the trilliums with their gentle memories. 

“The trilliums are gorgeous.” said the attendant when I visited my first garden in Seattle in 2006.  I had no idea what she was talking about although I should have. People have known the flower by that name since the 1700’s thanks to Linnaeus.  Thankfully, it is impossible to work at the Dunn Gardens and not know trilliums.  We have ten named in our plant lists.I could go on and will just once more.  At the time the website made its debut the rhododendrons were bursting out; there appears no other verb that will do when thinking of rhodies blooming.

The good news is that the Dunn Gardens will continue offering such bounty across the year. I, for one, was a bowed over by its charm before I started working as executive director. Closer acquaintance has only deepened my admiration of it. Along with all of us who work here I look forward to sharing our historic garden with visitors.

Thank you for visiting our website. And our Gardens!