Where is Dot?

Regular visitors coming to the Dunn know to look over their right shoulder when they walk down the driveway for their welcome-to-the-gardens-smile and wave from Dot McCain.

 Dot is the Trust Administrator for the Dunn Gardens, the ‘go to’ person with questions of all stripes. She is gracious enough not to sigh when you have asked them before. 

Don’t be alarmed when you next visit the Dunn and find Dot is missing from her usual spot in the Trust Office.  She has not, in fact, been chased off by dumb questions. Rather, she has moved to the spanky new Resource Center which you will find immediately you exit the parking lot. Simply look straight ahead. Dot will continue to wave and smile I’m pretty sure.

Dot will have company in her new location.  Beth Neils, the Dunn Gardens bookkeeper also has an office in this fresh space as will Zsolt, the head gardener. So will the Executive-Director. I must admit to some pleasure at being one of the first occupants in the new complex. The fact that we now have expanded office quarters is due to the efforts of many but Bob Findlay deserves a special mention. Bob is retiring in December from the board after nine years of active service that has included spear-heading the effort to relocate the staff to more spacious quarters.

Bob has acted as the onsite architect during the construction of the Resource Center.  Prior to that he focused on seeking funds for completion of the building and he won support from 4Culture in support of this goal. 

So what will happen to the space Dot is vacating?  Plans are afoot, made possible by the generosity of a new 4Culture grant. Keep an eye on this spot for more information. If you can’t wait ask Dot and admire the new space while you are there. 

Our grateful thanks to Bob for his efforts and all others who made the Resource Center possible.