Party in the Garden

The garden was abuzz, preparing for the Dunn’s Centenniel birthday party.

Today we helped prepare for the Dunn’s major fundraising event. Usually so peaceful, the garden was abuzz with activity.  This morning docent volunteers helped dress the tables, arrange the flowers and prepare the party favors for tonight's Centennial Celebration.  As we worked on setting the tables, the gardeners were primping the beds and setting the stage.


As always the garden was lovely, green and flowering, brimming with its heritage of beauty. The forecast for tonight's event is for a warm (thankfully not hot!), summer Seattle evening. It is expected to be a lovely evening to enjoy good company in the serenity of the garden, perhaps just as Arthur Dunn intended when he envisioned his garden.


This year's fundraiser marks the garden's 100th birthday. We hope, and fully expect with the generosity of our supporters, that tonight's event will contribute to a growing endowment that takes the Dunn Gardens well into it next century.


  1. Judy Broom on July 25, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    Looks wonderful. I especially

    Looks wonderful. I especially like the combination of rustic and elegant in the table decorations.  And how nice that the garden is receiving a refreshing sprinkling (today's rain) in advance of the next big party.

  2. Margot Hill on July 27, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    Centennial Celebration Dinner

    This was truly a very special DG event.  I met quite a few attendees who had not been to the gardens before. The featured speaker, Scot Medbury, who left Seattle for Brooklyn Botanical Garden hit the mark by emphasizing with Seattle's present growth, dedicated green areas are increasingly more important. It was evident the community is supportive of DG.