The Gardens at Bastyr

     There was plenty to see – and photograph -during our docent tour of the Bastyr University campus gardens.  Thanks to Anita Nason for sharing a moment of serenity she caught with her camera and to Kenny Slade for his closeup of a bee having its way with a brilliant blue sea holly blossom.  The third photo shows a recent addition to the gardens, a curving maze of paving and raised beds providing a “heat sink” for growing vegetables.  Our tour guides Christine Borosh and her assistant Michelle were very knowledgeable about the plant material, its use in naturopathic medicine and the role of the gardens in the education of Bastyr students.              


  1. Judy Broom on June 15, 2016 at 7:35 pm


    Here's my attempt to use the "comments" field to share another photo – by clicking on the photo icon at the top of the comment box and selecting a photo from my computer to upload.  I'm going to insert a photo of the reflexology foot path that several of us tried in bare or stocking feet.  Ow.  Not for the faint of foot.

    Now you try it with one of your photos!

  2. Marta Horvath on June 16, 2016 at 5:03 am

    Bastyr photos

     I want to try how does this work. Here are a few more photos. You can/may discard them if not needed. 

    Well, I guess, I can't do it. Neither the "Image" nor the "Media" icon will give me the tool to upload pictures from my files. I don't see any other icon that would mean "photos" to attach.

    Sorry, I tried. I will send them in an e-mail to you, Judy.