End of Year Thoughts

The end of the year is time to gather up the memories of the past year and we have our share in the Dunn Gardens.

2017 has been full of what you would expect in a garden: blooms that signal the start of the year, flowers that are so enchanting they make you breathless, leaves of blazing fall color that, in time, dropped to reveal the special, stark beauty of a bare tree.

In the warm months couples were married, children watched a play on the Great Lawn, students made flower arrangements, raptors (seven of them with names like Wednesday and Peabody), and a fashion model paraded the grounds. There was more but it is hard to top brides, children, students, raptors and fashion models.

We welcomed two new staff members, Quill and Mark, who brought with them ideas of how to transform the garden and remain true to the history of the place. Better yet they have the abundant energy needed to execute their ideas.

Plus, we had visitors, more than we have had before, who discovered or rediscovered the pleasure and peace that an Olmsted garden promises. Many who came followed the adage in the picture. They gathered, and sat, and talked, and laughed. Or at least most did. There was one visitor who came to compose herself before she put her dog to sleep.

We hope that among your own memories of the year you have one that gave you satisfaction when you were in the Dunn Gardens. The good news is that there are going to be many opportunities in 2018 to renew yourself and to make more memories. We have an author and a poet who will teach us about literature in a garden, a children’s play to take the small ones into their imagination and an abundance of lectures, not to mention some interesting fundraisers coming up. Can’t promise the raptors in 2018 but you never know.  Check out the events portion of the website – there will be something for you.

Our grateful thanks to those who supported Dunn Gardens in 2017 and we hope there will be many opportunities for you to make fine memories in 2018.

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