The Heritage Tree Collection is one of the most significant character defining features of the Dunn Gardens’ historic landscape. This living collection consists of 50 coniferous and hardwood canopy trees identified for their value to the historic structure and vegetative fabric of the landscape. Included in the Heritage Tree Collection are several native Douglas Fir extant when the Olmsted Brothers firm first visited the property as well as deciduous hardwood canopy trees such as Oak, Beech, Maple, Magnolia, and Tulip Poplar, which were planted as part of the original Olmsted Brothers plan over 100 years ago. The collection also boasts two of Washington State Champion Magnolia trees; the Sargent’s Magnolia and the Cucumber Magnolia.
Exciting News! Dunn Gardens receives Preservation Special Projects Grant from 4Culture to fund the Heritage Tree Health Assessment.


The Heritage Tree Health Assessment is a scientific evaluation performed by a professional consulting arborist. Beginning in August of 2018, each tree will be evaluated for structural integrity, safety concerns, pests, pathogens, and adverse environmental conditions. Results of the assessment will enable us to be proactive in the management and care of the Heritage Tree Collection including planning for immediate remediation and establishing long-term strategies for continued maintenance, future monitoring, and the prioritization of tree replacement. By ensuring these specimens receive proper care, we work to preserve the design intent and philosophy of the Dunn Gardens' historic landscape.  We are incredibly grateful for the support of 4Culture for this important project. 

This project is supported by a grant from 4Culture.