Through the New Garden Gate

The vegetable garden is bearing fruit and vegetables. Seattle's bountiful summer sun has been good for the vegetables this year.   On today's tour we saw giant yellow tomatoes barely hanging to their vine, rows of red chard and carrots and, most impressively, heavy sprays of raspberries rippening for their autumn harvest. 

We also noticed for the first time the new vegetable garden gate.  It is an iron swinging gate designed with lovely growing things. Rumor has it that the gate was a joint design project by Beth and the curators, one more Centennial addition to the garden.  It was fabricated by Home and Garden Art in Greenwood and installed this past June in time to be part of our Centennial summer.  Take a look next time you are down that way.




  1. Judy Broom on September 15, 2015 at 11:57 pm

    Timely posting

    Thanks for calling the new gate – and the bountiful harvest – to our attention. The future of the veggie patch, and the question of whether there are docents or volunteers who woul like to be involved in its maintenance is a topic we'd like to address briefly at our next (and last of the season) docent meetings on the 29th.  Stay tuned for a meeting reminder from our fearless leader.